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Incredible Parents

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Incredible Parents
Parents are amazing! If you don’t feel quite like a superhero right now, consider this: as well as getting yourself ready this morning, you likely also got the kids up, fed them, dressed them, smoothed over an upset, thought through the rest of their day, got everything ready that you could (made a pack lunch, signed a permission slip, arranged for a friend to come round), somewhere in the midst of all that found time to neck a cup of coffee and that’s all before you’ve even left the house.

Perhaps your routine looks a little different, but you know what I’m getting at; parenting can be extreme and it requires us to push ourselves in ways we would have never anticipated. It brings out whole new sides of our character (the organiser, the problem solver, the discipliner, the teacher, etc.) sometimes all at once.

Empowering parents

Kidslox is designed to help make life that little bit less complicated. We can’t brush your child’s hair for you, pick them up from school or get them to tidy their room, but what we can do is make sure that when you say “turn that off now it’s time to go”, the device turns off.

Whether it’s minimising conflicts, allowing a good night’s sleep, keeping homework time focussed or encouraging meal time conversations, the ability to turn children’s devices to Lockdown mode is an invaluable aid in the ongoing challenge to keep their lives on the rails without completely losing one’s own sanity.

Screen time is a modern day parenting minefield, it seems that every other week there’s fresh advice published about what we ought to be doing or not doing to keep our kids safe. Whatever the latest guidelines though, Kidslox helps turn them into a reality.

It’s one less thing to stress about, not that you wouldn’t handle things anyway, but why add more to your plate when you can let Kidslox handle screen time and save your parenting superpowers for keeping the rest of their world in order.

In celebration of all the superparents that we know are out there saving the day, day in and day out, the latest version of Kidslox includes a hidden message that affirms and celebrates just how amazing you are: superparentmode

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