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Kidslox updated its terms and conditions and privacy policy

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Here at Kidslox we consider privacy to be one of the fundamental human rights. With this in mind, Kidslox is committed to safeguarding your personal information and protecting your privacy. If you use our app, visit our site or contact our support team, you don’t have to worry about security. We provide developers with the robust tools to keep your data safe. Kidslox team relies on your digital trust as our aim is to enhance our customer experience while valuing and respecting our customers’ information.

You may have heard from other online apps and services that new data protection laws like the EU’s GDPR are soon coming into force. To ensure that Kidslox keeps up with the latest developments we’ve made a few updates to our own privacy policy too. We acknowledge privacy and security issues to be a significant element in our business process. Hence, the revised policy includes legal updates and provides a clearer emphasises on the data we use and how we use it, you can check it out in full here.

Kidslox is a relatively small start up, but we’re growing all the time. As the number of parents relying on, Kidslox has grown past the quarter of a million mark, we’ve changed our corporate structure a little. This includes moving from UK company to a US company (we’re originally a UK based start up). There will be no change in the development and support teams and you should not experience any change in your use of Kidslox.

In fact, we’re making the privacy policy changes precisely because we want to go on offering the best possible service and developing new features and improvements for you. These include some changes to our terms and conditions, in particular moving from Kidslox Trading Limited to Kidslox, Inc. You can check out the terms and conditions in full here. Continuing to use Kidslox after you have received this email will mean that you have accepted these changes.

This will also mean there will be a different name on any future Kidslox Premium receipts as we’re in the process of changing the payment arrangements that operate through the App Store, Google Play Market and Stripe to reflect the new name.

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