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Where are your kids when they are online?

opendevicesOnline safety isn’t only about technology. You might choose to control which sites and apps children can access. But where they are physically can also be a relevant factor in encouraging good technology practices. Are they in their rooms, on their own? Or are they in communal areas of the house, together with you? Building an understanding that technology use is a shared aspect of family life rather than a way to act in secret and escape interaction will help to foster healthy attitudes to tech use.

Openness doesn’t just mean being nearby though; do you talk with your kids about what they’ve been doing with their screen time? If they are used to talking with you about it, they are much less likely to go somewhere they know you won’t like. Also, if they normally tell you what they have been doing and then suddenly stop, it may well be a warning sign of some problem that requires your attention.

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