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It’s hard to keep track of busy family life

Between the journey to and from school, after school clubs and activities, playdates and sleepovers, not to mention trips further afield, it seems our kids are always on the move.

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US high schoolers average 9.5 hours of extracurriculars during the school week

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Keeping everyone organised can be a big challenge

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With so much going on, it’s easy to stress about your kids whereabouts

Family Locator by Kidslox is the best way to keep track of your family.

Whether you need to organise rides or dinner plans, or you just want to be confident that your kids got safely to their destination, Family Locator has got you covered.

Live locator

See where your kids are in real time


Set up geofences to customise your experience

Location history

Look back at past route information


Get a notification when your kids leave or get to their destination

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