Obesity and Screen Time

Screen dependence makes our kids do less and eat more

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How does screen time influence the different areas of my child’s life?

You might be surprised, but your child’s well-being and health are influenced in a number of ways by the time they spend on electronic media. Excessive screen time can increase body weight and diminish: academic performance, homework completion, reading, metabolism, physical activity, sleep duration, family time and playing with friends.

  • children and adolescents in the USA have obesity

  • kids engaged in at least an hour of physical activity daily

  • average time teens spend in front of screens every week

Links between obesity and screen time

Numerous mechanisms link the effects of electronic screen exposure and obesity. Substitution of physical activity for screen time, increased energy consumption from eating while looking at screens, the impact of advertising, and decreased sleep levels, are among the factors.

Energy intake

Problem:  Snacking while engaging with screen media is common and often involves high energy foodstuffs like chips and soda. This additional calorie intake combined with reduced physical activity is a bad combination.

Solution: With Kidslox you can place a fixed limit on a child’s screen time and ensure they have plenty of time for physical activity.


Problem: Advertising is often designed to appeal  to children and encourage them to ask for more junk food.

Solution: Kidslox parental control gives you greater control over the apps kids install. Giving you the opportunity to keep them away from software containing ads for unhealthy products.


Problem: Inadequate sleep is related to weight gain in children by impacting appetite and increasing hunger.

Solution: Kidslox makes it possible to shut a child’s phone down for the night time.

Physical activity

Problem: Digital media often replaces times of physical activity leading to weight gain in children and teenagers.

Solution: Kidslox enables you to decrease children’s screen time and therefore make more time for physical activity.

How to use Kidslox to help prevent obesity

  • Set daily screen time limits to restrict device usage

  • Use schedules for gadget free bedtime and family time

  • Block inappropriate content to ensure safe browsing and less ads

Kidslox Screen Time Recommandations

  • No screen time for children aged two years and younger
  • No more than one hour of screen time daily for children 3 to 12 years old
  • Set limits
  • Block digital media use during meal times, homework, and bedtime
  • Filter adult content
  • Encourage physical activities
  • Be a good example to follow for your child

This app is great. Allows me to manage my kids content as well as manage their screen time. Last, I like that I can block the system from working at certain times of the day as well as reward them with more time based on chores etc. or if they need to be punished, I can hit a button on my phone and lock them on theirs. The app was so great, I put my money where my mouth is and purchased a lifetime subscription!!!


Chris Anderson

A caring father from USA using Kidslox for iOS