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Why does your family need Kidslox?

They spend too much time staring at screens and are exposed to a lot of inappropriate material. We need a way to manage their screen time and control the quality of the media they engage with.

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Teens spend almost 9 hours a day on average looking at screens (not including homework)

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Screen dependence makes our kids do less, play outside less and eat more

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Almost half of all children admit to checking their phones when they should be asleep

Kidslox lets you manage the time your child spends on their Mac

You can also set up Kidslox on your child’s smartphone and control this device from the Mac. Kidslox Mac lets you see and regulate your child’s activities: set daily limits, set schedules, lock apps on Mac and kid’s phones.

Setting up Kidslox on your Mac is easy:

  • 1. Open the admin user on the Mac

    Open the admin user on the Mac you want to manage. If you only have one user, it is the admin (we recommend that you set up another user for your child to use, even if they’re the only person who uses that computer).

  • 2. Open a web browser

    Open a web browser and go to this page:

  • 3. Install the app

    Click “Download for FREE” to install the app.

  • 4. Open app

    Open the Kidslox app and enter your login details.

  • 5. Add this Mac

    Press the ‘Add this Mac’ button. Grant Kidslox the requested permissions for managing your Mac.

  • 6. Allow Kidslox

    Allow Kidslox control your computer.

  • 7. Enjoy Kidslox features!

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