Powerful, instant screen time lock

Lock your child’s device completely with the flick of a switch (from your own phone). It’s simple, it’s quick, and it gets your kids attention fast.

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    ~65% des enfants

    sont devenus accros à leurs écrans pendant la pandémie

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    29% of teens

    woken at night by

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Lock apps at a moments notice

As parents, there are a lot of reasons why we need to put our kids devices into lock mode. Whether it’s to avoid a conflict, to help them focus on something else, to get them to bed or anything else, Kidslox mode toggle is ready whenever the moment arises.

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I use it to block youtube and games when my child does his homework

- Sandy, from USA on App Store

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Lock Android phone for child to focus

Whether your child has an iPhone, iPad, or Android device, Kidslox instant lock functionality works smoothly between platforms and allows you to effectively manage your family’s screen time.

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Allow apps in Lock mode

By default, “Lock mode“ blocks everything. It’s a game blocker, a social media app blocker, everything gets blocked. But you can choose to set individual apps to be available in Lock mode.

Three different modes

Kidslox mode system blocks apps according to different rules at different times:

  • Lock mode blocks everything
  • Child mode blocks the apps you choose
  • In Parent mode everything is unblocked
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Une application indispensable pour les parents d'enfants scolarisés. J'ai bloqué les jeux et les réseaux sociaux quand mon enfant est à l'école.

- Kylie, from USA on Google Play Market