Powerful parental GPS tracker tool

Kidslox family tracker feature lets you see your child’s current location as well as their location history.

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Journey details

See every turn and stop along the routes your child took. The route details include addresses and times, as well as a detailed, day by day breakdown of the different journeys your child has made over the course of the last 7 days.

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The feature I like the most is location. It’s good to know where my 7 year old is.

- Francisca, Canadian mom

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Geo-fence zones

Set up geo-fenced areas around significant place (e.g. school) to get notifications when your child arrives at or leaves those areas.

Real time tracking

See your child’s location on the map:

  • Use our family tracker to see exactly where your kids are
  • Parental GPS tracking shows both real time location and route history
  • Track up to 10 different iOS and Android devices
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I always know where my child is & where he's been. It's convenient especially when I'm at work and can't call my son.

- Coralie, Mom from USA