Limit phone use with daily screen time limits

Setting screen time limits with Kidslox helps ensure that family rules about screen use are consistent and effective. When the time's up for the day, the device locks down.

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    <1 hour a day

    recommended screen time for 2-5 year olds by WHO

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Set daily limits

By default Kidslox sets a 2 hour limit on weekdays and 3 hours at the weekend. Change these settings as needed, you can even set a separate screen time limit for each individual day of the week.

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I set my daughter a 1,5-hour limit for each day. If she needs more, she just clicks on a button and I approve or deny her request.

- Fatima, American mom

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Adjust the limits

It’s easy to raise or lower the limits on the go, as needed. Kidslox even includes an option for your kids to send a request for more screen time inside the app. Of course the final decision always remains with you.

Time Rewards

Set tasks or chores for your kids with screen time as a reward

  • Kids send a ‘task complete’ message to claim their reward - you chose to allow or deny
  • Set any sort of task and any length of reward time as needed
  • Time is added to the overall daily limit
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I give my 6 y o son a limit of 1 hour a day and that's enough for him... once the limit is over his tablet is blocked

- Christina, American mom