Screen time schedules

Set fixed times when your child can't use their phone

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Better sleep

Using screens during the hour before sleep supresses melatonin production and reduces sleep quality. Use a bedtime lock schedule from Kidslox to remove that temptation, and stop distracting notifications which can wake kids during the night.

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Kidslox schedules have made my life so much easier. I don't have to check whether my kids are still on their phones when they are supposed to be sleeping

- Grant, Dad of 2

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Custom schedules

Set up scheduled lock or scheduled access to apps for any reason, at any time! Want to lock the phone during school hours, or allow only educational apps before dinner? Set up a custom schedule to fit your child’s needs.

Multiple profiles

Schedules can do more than just on/off:

  • Create up to five custom app availability setups to schedule
  • Allow the apps you want your child to access, when you want
  • Highly customizable profiles let you choose the right settings for every situation
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The thing I like the most is schedules especially when I am at work and busy... [they] make the parent's and child's lifes easier.

- Anna, Mom of 1