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Content Blocking on iOS

Now you can filter web content on both Android and iOS for peace of mind when your kids are browsing online.


On Android devices you can now block access to the device settings using our new ‘Childproofing’ feature. 

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F. A. Q.

Below you’ll find answers to a few of the most commonly asked questions we receive. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for here,
try searching our full FAQ first and then get in touch with our support staff

Do I have to pay for Kidslox for each device?

No, you only need to pay for Kidslox on a per account basis. Our premium plan allows you to add unlimited devices with no additional cost. Our free plan allows only 1 device to be controlled.

How do I set up restrictions?

You can set or edit the restrictions for your Child mode for each controlled device under the “Child Restrictions” tab. Green ticks allow and red crosses block (e.g. a red cross for Camera mean

Can Kidslox block browsers and filter web content?

Yes. On iOS you can choose to block Safari separately from other apps and on Android you can block all web browsers individually. Our content blocking system allows you to filter the web across al

What are Parent, Child and Lockdown modes?

A device controlled by Kidslox will always be in one of three modes – Parent, Child or Lockdown mode. Parent mode - this mode has fixed settings and allows everything. It’s designed for parents


Kidslox has a large base of dedicated users. Here are some of the reasons they choose us:

No more fighting about screen time. I have set up scheduled times for when it is restricted during homework, bedtime, etc.

Works like a charm
Great app blocker solution. Helps our family set schedules for when to use the devices. Works for all apps. Very easy to get going and try it for free. Highly recommend!

Neat solution
Our screentime problems are over, with kidslox schedules, best solution we have found.

This app is user friendly, makes it easy to control your children's screen time from anywhere!! I've only had it one week and so far I am loving it!! The kids were not too excited about it :) but the parents are!!!

Kidslox works
A great product. Gives us back control over the children's screen time. The new traffic lights system is a big step forward.


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