Protect your kids with Kidslox adult content filter

Filtering the web is pretty much essential when giving kids a smart phone. Kidslox provides several different web filter settings to help you provide your kids with a safer online experience.

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    Over 50%

    of kids see adult content online each year by accident

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    ['Over 1.5 million']

    children protected by Kidslox worldwide

Effective blocklists

Effective blocklists

At the heart of Kidslox adult content filter is a blocklist of over 4 million URLs that effectively limits the availability of a range of harmful content. It's easy to add more sites to the list.

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I like the ability to see my son's bad web searches and then discuss them with him

- Mina, Kidslox mum

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Internet access

If you want to totally avoid the risk of unwelcome internet content or online distraction, you can use Kidslox to disable internet access entirely.

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Effective adult content filter via Safe Search

Search engines like Google and Bing have inbuilt safe search settings to protect users from adult content and other inappropriate sites. Kidslox lets you lock those settings in place remotely to protect your kids.

Youtube protection

Online videos pose a difficult area for online parenting. Kidslox lets you:

  • Review the channels and videos your kids are watching
  • Lock Youtubes inbuilt “Restricted Mode” to on
  • Set scheduled use times so you know when they're online
Youtube protection
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The app is perfect for monitoring internet usage of my kids. I see sites they’ve been to, what they google and what they watch.

- Jacob, Kidslox dad