Parental control app blocker

Block inappropriate apps, games and websites permanently. Block distracting apps and games on a timer or schedule to help your child focus.

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    ~65% of children

    became addicted to devices during the pandemic

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    29% of teens

    woken at night by

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App blocker for iPhone and iPad

Block apps on iPhone and iPad individually, by category, or entirely. Block internet access to apps to reduce the threat of toxic interactions. If you’re looking for an app blocker for iPhone, Kidslox is for you.

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A must-have app for parents of school children. I block games and social media when my kid is at school.

- Kylie, Mom from USA

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App blocker for Android

It’s easy to block apps on Android devices too. It’s as simple as choosing the app or category you want to block. You can also set schedules and limits to decide when certain apps will be available.

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Protect your child online

From inappropriate apps through to sources of cyberbullying, or phone addiction, there are a lot of dangers online that can be addressed with a parental control app blocker.

Personalized “Allow list”

Kidslox Lock mode blocks all apps by default (it's a game blocker, a social media app blocker, everything gets blocked), but you can customize your kids experience by allowing specific apps that you want them to be able to access at any time.

  • Lock mode blocks everything
  • Child mode blocks the apps you choose
  • Customize both modes to meet your needs
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I use it to block youtube and games when my child does his homework

- Sandy, Mom from USA