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Is internet addiction real?

Internet addiction is on track to become tomorrow’s epidemic. More and more people experience anxiety when they’re away from their smartphones, tablets or computers. The similarities between internet and drug addiction are alarming and kids are in the at risk group.


  • 3 out of 4

    kids and teens aged 13-17 can be considered addicted to the Internet

  • 25%

    increase in the size of the Internet every 3 months

  • 13.5%

    of people struggle if offline for more than a day

7 signs your kid might be an internet addict

  • Stays online much longer than intended
  • Prefers online activities to everything else
  • Frequently checks emails or social media
  • Emotional reaction when online time is interrupted
  • Sacrifices time with family and friends to be on the Internet
  • Preoccupied with online profiles even when offline
  • Lies about online behaviour

Other problems connected to Internet addiction in kids

Video game addiction

With Kidslox you can block over 30 individual apps, including games, on your child’s device (both Android and iOS).

Pornography Addiction

Kidslox content blocking features allow you to protect your child from over 4 million inappropriate web sites.

Social Media Addiction

Using Kidslox you can limit both your child’s screen time and access to social media on smartphone or tablet

Online Gambling Addiction

Using Kidslox Parental Control App you can block in-app purchases on your children’s devices

More tips from Kidslox

Protect Your Kid From Internet Addiction

  • Limit screen time

  • Use healthy screen time alternatives

  • Spend time with your kids

This app allows us to disconnect our kid from iPad and love back from the technology zombie



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