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Protect Your Child From Smartphone Addiction

Too much smartphone time puts your child at risk

Protect your child with Kidslox

Smartphone addiction is a serious and growing problem with similarities to game and even drug addiction. Today a high percentage of American kids and teens consider themselves to be addicted to their phones. In many cases they’re unwilling to change their habits due to a feeling of weakness or vulnerability when disconnected from the web and without access to their smartphones.

  • 10.3 years

    Average age for a child to get their own smartphone

  • Under 60 min

    Time most kids and teens spend outside a day

  • 6.5 hours

    Average daily screen time for kids and teens

Why are kids so addicted to their smartphones?

  • Fear of solitude and the illusion of social integration given by phones
  • Advertising and social pressure send message that phone use is essential
  • Dopamine "rewards" from receiving messages, notifications and likes
  • Over reliance on the constant internet access leaves feeling of vulnerability when it's gone
  • Smartphone use has become an integral part of their self-expression

Smartphone addiction in children may result in depression and anxiety, sleep disorders, childhood obesity, learning and relationship problems


Learning problems

Problem: Excessive smartphone time is associated with lower math and school achievement, reduced physical activity, and problems relating to classmates.

Solution: Kidslox Parental Control App allows you to schedule the time your child can use their device and block apps that distract them from learning.

Relationship problems

Problem: Smartphone engagement can distract teenagers from being present in the real world. This has a knock-on effect on their relationships with those around them.

Solution: Using Kidslox you can limit screen time and set daily limits on your child’s device so that they have more time for family and friends.


Problem: Many kids today have an irrational but genuine fear of being without their smartphone or being unable to use it (e.g. due to lack of signal or running out of minutes). This fear is called nomophobia .

Solution: Kidslox can block the most time and mind consuming applications and filter unhelpful content to help your kids get more involved in other areas of life.

Tips to help you resolve the issue

  • Stop carrying the phone around everywhere you go

  • Turn the phone off while having a rest

  • Establish digital-free zones

How to get free from smartphone addiction

More tips from Kidslox

  • Delete ‘time-killing’ applications from the smartphone
  • Install only useful applications and look for "long-term" content
  • Limit screen time
  • Do not do everything on one device
  • Replace the smartphone with healthy alternatives
  • Don't buy a smartphone for small children

Use for IOS, absolutely brilliant. Makes it so I'm in control of when my kids go online and which apps they can use.


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