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Parenting tips

Article outline: Conversation starters with a child Helicopter parenting Paying for chores While the device is in Lockdown Helping kids with exams Dinner time conversation 12 questions to use as…

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Parenting in Digital Ages: Practical Ideas

Article outline: Cell phone contract Truth about screen time Screen time and child’s sleep Children’s lies about screen time The battle to stop fake news Internet child protection Tips to…

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Kidslox parental controls tips & tricks

Article outline: What you need to know about Kidslox Parent, Child, and lockdown modes Restrictions Individual app blocking on iOS Content blocking Why Kidslox is better than Apple’s Screen Time?…

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Parental control app reviews

Article outline: Justalk kids Kidgy parental control Net Nanny mSpy JUSTALK KIDS REVIEW Spending time with family should be a priority for both kids and parents. We all understand how…

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How to set up native parental controls

Article outline: Youtube parental control Mac parental control iOs parental control restrictions Internet filter for iPhone Netflix parental controls Privacy settings Facebook Family Link parental controls USING YOUTUBE’S PARENTAL CONTROLS…

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Educational sites for kids

Article outline: Noteflight Sumdog IKnowIt Data Detox Kit   NOTEFLIGHT REVIEW Do you want your kids not just to perceive information on the screen passively but to be creative and…

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Negative effects of video games

Article outline: The effect of video games on the child’s brain Video games and eyesight Kitchen timer or parental control app?   THE EFFECT OF VIDEO GAMES ON OUR CHILDREN’S…

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Top things to know about parental control

Article outline: Two approaches to parental Internet control From spying to total trust Reasons to consider parental control for your kids Parental control and better quality family time Tech savvy…

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