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A parent’s guide to Snapchat

If you’re a parent with smartphone owning tweens or teens, it’s likely they’re on Snapchat. It’s also likely that you’ve encountered warnings somewhere against letting your kids use Snapchat. Despite…

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Digital Rehab and Parental Controls

Nomophobia Have you encountered the word “nomophobia” getting bandied around in the media? It was coined back in 2008 (despite already existing, but that’s another story (check out the wikipedia…

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New year, new tech, new habits

As 2017 draws to a close we’re more aware than ever of the increasing role technology has come to play in our lives. Each successive year brings ever more impressive…

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Are you tech ready for Christmas?

Christmas is almost here! You’ve got most, hopefully all of your presents. You might have even wrapped them! Decorations are up. Turkey is ordered. Plans are in place. There are…

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Kidslox Reviews: Data Detox Kit

Perhaps you’ve encountered the idea of a digital detox before? The concept is simple. Reduce your dependence on devices, the internet or a specific app or game by taking a…

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