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Our kids are dependent on screens

They spend too much time staring at screens and are exposed to a lot of inappropriate material. We need a way to manage their screen time and control the quality of the media they engage with.

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Teens spend almost 9 hours a day on average looking at screens (not including homework)

Screen Dependencies image

25% of teens say their parents know “little” or “nothing” about what they do online

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Almost half of all children admit to checking their phones when they should be asleep

Kidslox parental control software is the perfect way to manage your family's screen time

Our parental controls let you block apps, block internet and filter web content with ease. One account is all you need to protect as many iPhones, iPads, iPods, Android phones and tablets and other mobile devices as you have in your family. Prioritise your family time now by placing daily limits on your child's screen time. Parental control has never been so easy.

More control over iOS than ever before

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Individual app blocking

Now you can block individual apps on both Android and iOS. The iOS app blocking feature disables internet access to a selection of the most popular (and most disruptive) gaming and social media apps.

  • Disable disruptive apps individually

  • Over 30 blockable apps

  • Suggest new apps for us to block

Millions of inappropriate sites blocked

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Content blocking

Kidslox powerful content blocking features ensure that your kids are protected from over 4 million inappropriate URLs and can see only the search results allowed by Google SafeSearch and Youtube restricted mode. You can also manually add sites to be blocked.

  • Block using our list

  • Choose sites to block

  • Enable Google SafeSearch

  • Enable Youtube restricted mode

Setting screen time limits is simple

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Daily limits

The Daily Limits feature makes setting screen time for your children simple. Just choose how much time they can have for the day. When the time runs out, their device changes to Lockdown mode.

  • Separate limits for each day

  • Set limits for specific apps

  • Add more time as needed


  • Lock apps

  • Content blocking

  • Daily limits

  • Mode timers

  • Schedules

  • Cross-platform

  • 3-Way-Toggle

  • Childproofing

  • Fingerprint ID

Kidslox “Lockdown” and “Child” modes put you in control, here’s how:

  • They let you block Instagram, block Facebook, block Snapchat and other social networks
  • Block browsers including Safari to block internet access, block in-app purchases
  • Block Minecraft, block Clash of Clans, block Pokémon Go and other games
  • Block pornography, block gambling, block violence and other inappropriate web content

Android parental control app

Kidslox Android parental controls give you a high level of control over the time your children spend using Android devices as well as filtering inappropriate content and allowing the blocking of individual apps

iPhone parental control app /
iPad parental control app

Kidslox original iPhone parental controls allow you to place limits on both the screen time and content quality that your kids engage with on all iOS devices running iOS 10 and up

Control as many iOS devices as you need from one account. All your kids iPhones, iPads and iPod touches can be added

Lock apps remotely from your own mobile device or from the desktop using the Kidslox web app or desktop companion apps

Windows parental control centre /
Mac OS parental control centre

The Windows parental control centre lets you control your family’s smartphone and tablet use from your Windows desktop

The Mac parental control centre gives you the same control from your Mac desktop

These companion apps give you more opportunities to control iPhone, iPad and Android device use and help make Kidslox the best parental control software on the market

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