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Quitting social media challenge

“It’s constant. I go straight to it when I get up. I feel like I have to keep up with what everyone is talking about. I feel like I’m a…

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JusTalk Kids Review

Spending time with family should be a priority for both kids and parents. We all understand how important it is to share everyday moments, emotions, thoughts, plans and achievements. Time…

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Traditional toys and books vs gadgets

  Kidslox team believes that our future depends on using imagination. Motivating children to use imagination is a very responsible task for parents. Today we live in a digital world…

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Child obesity and technology: research

Childhood obesity currently affects around 17% of kids in the United States and continues to increase each year. Generally speaking, obesity is the result of a disbalance between caloric intake…

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Cell phone rules for 15-16-year-old

When kids turn into teenagers parents realize they will soon be on their own and might be worried a bit about their offspring’s smartphone overuse. How to set the rules…

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MMGuardian review

These days the market for parental controls offers the abundance of helpful applications for kids’ protection. What solution is the best for your child? We’ll guide you through the best…

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Screen addiction: the Black Mirror lesson

Have you ever seen the British TV show “Black Mirror”? It's a dark science fiction series (not family friendly), that examines modern society by looking at the unpredictable consequences of…

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