10 tips to keep our kids safe online

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ideas for keeping kids safe online

Kids today learn how to use computers, smartphones and tablets even before they can talk! By the time they reach primary school they have a remarkable level of proficiency and digital skills. This offers them a lot of benefits, but despite their ‘advanced’ status in this area they still remain children and do not always have enough life experience or critical thinking skills to be fully protected from the risks posed by that technology. How then can we keep our kids safe online?

Young kids are even more prone to accept the things they see or read online as truth than adults. They can be easily scared or shocked by some content, misled by fake news or be manipulated by others.

Here are 10 tips to help make the internet a more friendly environment for our kids. Got some more tips of your own? Add them in the comments below:

  1. share screen time with your child as much as you can (especially when the child is very young)
  2. set some screen time rules and try to model them yourself and encourage their use
  3. set up the security settings on your web browser and
  4. use content blocking software to protect your children from even accidentally visiting potentially dangerous sites
  5. use parental control software to block apps and set other appropriate limits on device usage
  6. use a child friendly search engine like KidRex or Kiddle on your computer
  7. teach your child to keep their personal information private and not share it directly through emails, social media and registration forms
  8. take time to discuss with your children things they face online like fake news, online bullying and so on. Encourage openness in your children
  9. set screen time limits so that excessive computer or portable device use can’t harm your child
  10. stay aware of new challenges your kids may face in the realm of technology

And the main thing, let’s always be there when our kids need our advice or help – no matter whether it’s a real life or virtual life issue.

Please, feel free to share your own ideas about how we can keep our kids safe online in the comments.