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JusTalk Kids

Spending time with family should be a priority for both kids and parents. But in the digital world, the gap between parents and kids (and extended family) keeps growing bigger. Fortunately, there are ways you can help your kids stay connected to those important to them while making it fun.

JusTalk Kids is an app that encourages kids to chat with friends and family using a safe and secure platform. Developed with kids in mind, it offers a range of features that parents will appreciate.

At Kidslox, we want to help parents and guardians stay aware of the full list of apps on the market to stay connected. In our hunt for the best video app for kids, we wanted to find an app that provides simple, reliable and fun ways for communicating with our kids when we’re away, that doesn’t leave them exposed to the security or privacy risks inherent in so many video and messaging apps.

We’re already fans of JusTalk’s main app, but an offering for children needs a different focus. JusTalk Kids promises safe video chat and messaging, and is specifically designed for kids to connect with family and close friends from their tablets or smartphones. Let’s take a look.

What Is JusTalk Kids?

As the name implies, JusTalk Kids is a kids-focused video chat app built for Android and iOS devices. The app is designed to create a secure video chat environment for children to communicate with pre-approved contacts – typically family members and close friends.

Similar to apps such as Marco Polo, WhatsApp, and Facetime, JusTalk Kids enables fast, clear face-to-face interactions. However, JusTalk Kids offers a few features that help ensure that kids and teens stay safe while using the app.

Safe Video Chat and Messaging

A big fear for parents and guardians is their children engaging online with strangers. With JusTalk Kids, users can only connect with contacts added and approved by parents. This means that parents can create an approved list of contacts and ensure that only those contacts can video chat or message their child.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Parents don’t need another complicated app to figure out. Luckily, JusTalk Kids works easily between itself and the regular JusTalk app adults use.

This feature is particularly valuable for families, meaning parents don’t need to download a separate app to communicate with their children. Grandparents or other adult family members can use their regular JusTalk app to connect with kids using JusTalk Kids.

No Phone Number Required

Kids can use the app with Wi-Fi, eliminating the need for a phone number. This is nice for younger children who may not have their own phone plans and helps reduce the number of accounts and devices needed to stay in contact.

Fun Interactive Elements

JusTalk Kids is a kid’s app first and foremost, so you can expect plenty of child-appropriate doodles, stickers, and games to enhance communication. These elements make the app more engaging for children, encouraging them to stay in touch with family members in a fun and creative way.

How To Set Up JusTalk Kids

Getting JusTalk Kids set up is free and easy. You’ll need either an iOS or Android device to access the app, and once you find the free app on the respective app store, you can download and setit up in minutes.

Step 1: Download the App

Visit your device’s app store (Google Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS).

  • Search for “JusTalk Kids” and download the official app.
  • Ensure you have a stable internet connection for the download and installation process.
  • Once installed, locate the app icon on your child’s device.

Step 2: Create an Account

  • Open the JusTalk Kids app on your child’s device. You’ll be prompted to create a new account. This step should be completed by a parent or guardian.
  • Enter your child’s name and birthday for verification and security. Consider using a nickname or first name only for added privacy.
  • You’ll be prompted to create a unique JusTalk ID for your child. This ID will be used by family and friends to connect with your child on the app.
  • Choose a strong, memorable password. Consider storing this password securely, as you may need it for future account management.
  • Verify the account using the method provided (email or phone number).

Step 3: Add Contacts

Once the account is set up, you’ll be prompted to add contacts for your child. There are three ways to add approved contacts:

  1. JusTalk ID: If you know the JusTalk ID of a family member or friend, you can enter it directly.
  2. Phone Number: You can add contacts by entering their phone numbers if they already use JusTalk.
  3. QR Code: Generate a QR code in your child’s profile that can be scanned by family members to instantly connect.

For each contact added, you’ll need to approve them before they can communicate with your child. Consider setting up a “family group” for easy group calls with immediate family members.

Step 4: Customize Settings

  • After adding initial contacts, take some time to explore and adjust the app’s settings.
  • Set up parental controls, including communication time limits if desired.
  • Review and adjust privacy settings to your comfort level.
  • Familiarize yourself with the blocking and reporting features.

Why We Like JusTalk Kids

The Child-Friendly Design and Interface

JusTalk Kids boasts a minimalist, intuitive design that’s perfect for young users. The clean, uncluttered interface makes navigation a breeze, even for children just starting to explore digital communication. We appreciate that the app doesn’t overwhelm kids with unnecessary features or confusing layouts.

The absence of ads and in-app purchases is a significant plus, creating a safe, distraction-free environment for children to focus on communicating with loved ones. This ad-free approach also eliminates the risk of children accidentally clicking on inappropriate content or making unauthorized purchases.

The Creative and Interactive Elements

We’re particularly fond of the app’s fun, interactive features that make communication more engaging for kids:

  • Doodle tools for drawing on photos and during video calls
  • Stickers and emojis for expressive messaging
  • Mini-games that can be played during calls

These elements add an extra layer of enjoyment to conversations, helping to keep children interested and making family communication feel more like playtime than a chore.

The “Memories” Feature

The “Memories” folder is a standout feature. It allows children to save and organize special moments, photos, videos, and voice recordings.

This digital scrapbook can be easily shared during calls, allowing kids to show off their achievements or favorite memories to family members. It’s a wonderful way to facilitate storytelling and keep distant relatives involved in a child’s life.

Enhanced Privacy and Security

JusTalk Kids takes child safety seriously, which is key for any parent considering a communication app for their kids:

  • End-to-end encryption for all personal information and communications
  • Data split into multiple random paths to prevent monitoring or server storage
  • Restricted contact list managed by parents
  • No unsolicited messages or calls from strangers

The app encourages parental involvement without being intrusive. Parents can manage contacts, oversee usage, and participate in their child’s digital experience. This balanced approach helps children learn responsible online behavior while still enjoying the first steps in their digital independence.

How To Help Your Kids Use JusTalk Kids Safely

Set Clear Guidelines

Any time you introduce a new app, make sure to set a foundation for use. Start by establishing clear rules for when and how long your child can use video chatting apps. Discuss who they’re allowed to communicate with and explain the why behind those rules without creating fear.

Be Present for the First Few Calls

Join your child for their first few video calls (or all, depending on age) to help them get comfortable with the technology. This is a great way to engage with them and model appropriate online behavior.

Use JusTalk Kids to Teach Digital Literacy

Apps like JusTalk Kids are a great way to help teach digital literacy and engagement. Explain the concept of “digital footprints” and the permanence of online actions. When you can start the conversation about digital health early, you can set habits that will serve them well into the future.

Monitor Without Hovering

Find a balance between supervising your child’s online activities and giving them space to interact independently. Consider using the app’s monitoring features instead of constantly looking over their shoulder. This approach respects their growing independence while ensuring their safety.

Lead by Example

Best of all? Teach by showing. When you use similar apps, demonstrate good video chatting habits. Show them how to maintain eye contact, speak clearly, and be active listeners. Your example is a powerful teaching tool that will help your child develop good digital communication skills.

The Verdict

JusTalk Kids is a a fun way for kids to stay connected to friend and family, and even easier for parents to download and teach their children to use.  Its colorful interface, interactive features, and robust parental controls make it an attractive option for families looking to introduce their kids to digital communication in a controlled environment.

However, as with any technology intended for children, you’ll need to do your due diligence. Consider factors such as your child’s age, maturity level, and your family’s communication needs. It’s also worth comparing JusTalk Kids with other child-friendly communication apps to ensure you’re choosing the best fit for your family.

Start Using JusTalk Kids With Your Child Today

Want to try out JusTalk Kids for yourself? You can find the app online by following the links below for your specific device:

Google Play

App Store

Amazon Store

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