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Kidslox Support


Kidslox Labs is our official Beta system, for users who want to try out new features in advance before they're ready for general release and give us their feedback about how to make those features the best that they can be.

Kidslox Labs operates on an opt-in basis: to opt in, open the 'Account' tab and move the 'Kidslox Labs' switch to the green, 'on' position.

When Kidslox Labs is turned on, any new features which are currently being trialled will become available within Kidslox.

When we finish trialling a new feature, we will send a survey by email to all users who are 'opted in', about their experience with the feature. We also welcome and encourage feedback about the feature before the end of the trial.

If you wish to 'opt-out' again, simply turn the Kidslox Lab switch back to the 'off' position and trial features will be hidden again.

Kidslox Labs is only available for Premium Kidslox users.

Phone Support

+1 888 749 50 56

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