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Best Parental Control Monitoring App

for iPhone, iPad and Android devices

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Individual App blocking image

App blocking

Now you can block individual apps on both Android and iOS. The iOS app blocking feature disables internet access to a selection of the most popular (and most disruptive) gaming and social media apps.

Filter bad web sites image

Filter bad web sites

Kidslox powerful content blocking features ensure that your kids are protected from over 4 million inappropriate URLs and can see only the search results allowed by Google SafeSearch and Youtube restricted mode. You can also manually add sites to be blocked.

Daily limits image

Daily limits

The Daily Limits feature makes setting screen time for your children simple. Just choose how much time they can have for the day. When the time runs out, their device changes to Lock mode.

Locations image

Keep track
of locations

Want to see the location of your kids on the map? Enable location tracking to make it easier to keep track of their whereabouts. Location tracking makes it easier to arrange pick-ups and provides peace of mind to parents everywhere.