Kidslox Reviews: Data Detox Kit

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kidslox reviews the data detox kit

Perhaps you’ve encountered the idea of a digital detox before? The concept is simple. Reduce your dependence on devices, the internet or a specific app or game by taking a break from them. Perhaps by cutting yourself off from them for a day, a week, a month, or more.

Device dependency might not be the only thing you need to clear up though. Today we’re so interconnected and signed up for so many different things that it’s easy to forget about our digital footprint and the security of our personal data. That’s the situation that the “data detox kit” addresses.

Data Detox Kit

Data Detox Kit is a software tool developed by Mozilla and Tactical Technology Collective to help you to see what happens to your data behind the scenes and to figure out how you can be more safe while on-line. This programme provides you with a series of questions and exercises to find out how much Google, Facebook and other internet services know you and instructions to help you become less dependent on them.

It covers a lot of areas and recommends that you approach it as an 8 day course, spending approximately half an hour each day to learn a bit more about your digital security.

What it covers

The 8 day course covers everything from how well Google knows you and what’s still out there on the wayback machine through to what info. you give away via social media and more. It also gives detailed instructions to help manage your privacy settings, your existing digital footprint, your future digital footprint, your general technology dependence and much more.

Is it any good?

Personally, I was impressed. When I heard the name and concept I was concerned that the data detox kit would be way too dry and boring to engage with over 8 days. In actual fact I found that it was both fascinating and more than a little scary (and it looks like I’m not the only one). Realising how big a part of your life you’re entrusting to social media and other internet services can be alarming!

Is it for kids?

Data detox kit uses simple and engaging language and exercises to get to the heart of a complex issue, so it’s definitely possible for younger users to engage with it. While a few of the exercises will be relevant for them though, it’s really aimed at people who already have an established social media presence, i.e. mostly adults and older teens.

I’d definitely recommend sitting your teen down in front of it. But I’d also suggest that you give this a try yourself. The insight it will give you into your own digital footprint will not only help you to provide a good digital example for your kids, but will open up a host of potential discussion points to talk about with them.