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Kidslox review of is a math practice website for kids. It contains more than 200 different lessons for kids from kindergarten to 5th grade. It can easily be used by school teachers, parents or even just by kids who love math.

Math practice online

It’s designed to help kids master their basic math skills from numbers, telling time, counting money etc. through to more complex multiplication and division tasks for 5th grade kids.

The interface is easy to engage with and explains the tasks in detail. They’ve animated a bunch of cute characters who do a celebratory dance for correct answers too. The site is still under construction, with individual student accounts planned, but for now there’s just a lot of accessible, helpful math tasks. Great!

Educational value of for kids

The number of different levels of lessons and assignments (over 200 lessons and 18, 000 different questions) means that the site caters for a wide range of needs. The ability for teachers and parents to build a custom program for their child and monitor their progress (still under construction) will maximise the educational value.

I can especially see this site being used by teachers and tutors to assign homework. This isn’t a game with hidden educational targets woven into the background, it’s a straight up math practice tool where what you see is what you get. The colours and animations make it easy for children to engage with, and the instant feedback challenges them to achieve more. But it’s still very clearly a learning tool, not a game.

Value for parents

IKnowIt provides an opportunity for parents to get involved in their kids’ learning process too. Some lesson sections can be used to start a conversation with your child e.g. the “Money Counting” section could open up the theme of money, responsible spending and budgeting. Once the customised program and progress monitoring functionality is ready, they’ll provide parents with even more great tools.