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Learn about the available parental controls and details about the latest Fortnite release!

Chances are, if Legos and “Victory Royales” are part of your child’s vocabulary, you’ve probably heard of Lego Fortnite. The latest release from Epic Games features a mashup of the block-building world of Lego and the wildly popular battle royale game, and it’s got kids everywhere hooked.

But for parents, it can leave you feeling a little like you’ve been introduced to a brand new world of lingo, gameplay, and… questions all about the safety of your kids. After all, any time a new multiplayer online game comes out and your child wants to join in on the fun, it’s natural for you to want to know if parental controls are in place.

Fortunately, Epic Games has provided tools and resources to help parents understand the game better and ensure their children play Fortnite safely. By using these tools – and a good dose of parental wisdom – you can rest assured that your children are having a great time while staying safe.

Let’s take a look at this newest release from Epic Games and some of the ways that you can ensure your child’s safety while playing Fortnite Lego.

Bricks, Booms…Battle Buses? What is Lego Fortnite?

Imagine a world where your kid’s Lego creations come to life, not just with cool features and hidden surprises, but with cartoonish blaster battles and a dash of strategic building.

That’s essentially Lego Fortnite, a mashup of two massively popular universes—the creative, family-friendly world of Lego and the intense, “last one standing” competition of Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode.

This unique blend offers hours of fun for players. They can craft elaborate structures, explore colorful worlds, and even team up with friends to build and battle together. But let’s be honest, the “battle royale” part might raise some eyebrows for parents. What are kids actually doing in this game – and are there any dangers that parents should be aware of?

What Are Lego Fortnite’s Game Modes?

Lego Fornite features two primary game modes: Creative and Battle Royale.

Creative Mode: This sandbox environment lets kids build Fortnite-themed worlds with iconic landmarks and character skins. It’s essentially digital Legos with a Fortnite twist, ideal for fostering creativity and collaboration.

“Battle Royale” Mode: This is where the action gets a bit more intense. Up to 100 players, including your child, drop onto an island, scavenge for weapons, build defensive structures, and battle it until one player or team remains. While the violence is cartoonish and bloodless, the competitive nature and potential for online interactions can be concerns for parents.

Is There Multiplayer in Lego Fortnite?

Yes, both game modes are available for multiplayer, either with friends or players in matchmaking. This means that players can connect online via Epic Games servers, so it’s important to discuss online safety and etiquette with your child. Voice chat is available, which can be enabled or disabled depending on the player’s preference.

This means that your child can potentially interact with strangers while playing and may encounter players who aren’t using polite language. Make sure you have conversations about online safety and appropriate behavior when playing with others online, as well as being aware of what your child sees and hears during these games.

Is Lego Fortnite Dangerous for My Kids?

It’s easy to imagine that a popular online game – and one that includes a bit of violence – could easily be considered dangerous for kids.

But don’t panic! Before we delve into the nitty-gritty of parental controls, let’s acknowledge the positives:

  1. Lego’s family-friendly reputation: The game maintains a lighthearted and humorous tone, even during combat. The characters resemble Lego mini-figures, which many adults have grown up playing with.
  2. Emphasis on creativity and building: The Creative Mode is a fantastic outlet for imagination and problem-solving skills. While Fortnite is known for its competitive Battle Royale mode, most advertising and gameplay are geared toward the building side of the game.
  3. Social connections (with limits): Kids can team up with friends, but parental controls can restrict who they interact with. This is key for safety, but it can also be a great opportunity to build relationships with kids both locally and around the world.

The important thing to remember is that Lego Fortnite comes with the same dangers as any online game.

Addictive play, cyberbullying, and inappropriate content are all risks that come with this game – even if the content itself isn’t necessarily inappropriate. Parents should stay engaged with their kids and encourage open communication to ensure safe gaming practices.

Your Toolkit for Safe Adventures: Setting Up Parental Controls in Lego Fortnite

While the out-of-the-box Lego Fortnite experience is geared toward a more playful audience, there are still ways to ensure your kids and teens stay safe while online. Think of parental controls as your building blocks for a secure online environment. Here’s how to navigate them effectively:

Step 1: Make Sure To Create and Manage Your Child’s Epic Games Account

This is the central hub for managing your child’s online experiences across all Epic Games software and experiences. Create an account (with your supervision and password!), and you’ll unlock a powerful toolkit:

  • Voice and Text Chat: Restrict who your child can communicate with, limiting potential exposure to online harassment or inappropriate language.
  • Friend List Management: Approve or deny friend requests to control who your child interacts with online.
  • Spending Limits and Purchase Approvals: Set spending limits to avoid accidental in-game purchases (those fancy character skins can be tempting!).

Step 2: Know the Lego Fortnite In-Game Controls

The game itself offers additional settings you can adjust:

  • Mute/Block Players: If someone gets unruly, your child can easily mute or block them, maintaining a positive online environment.
  • Report Abuse: Have a direct line to report any inappropriate behavior or activity.
  • Privacy Settings: Control who can see your child’s profile and activity, adding another layer of protection.

Remember, communication is key! Talk to your child about internet safety, appropriate online behavior, and the importance of using these controls. Together, you can build a safe and exciting online world for them to explore without fear of the unknown.

Step 3: Play The Game Together

Want to ensure that your child has a positive gaming experience? Join in the fun! Not only can you keep an eye on their play, but you also get to share a unique bonding activity. So get your game face on and join in all the fun!

As you play, you’ll get a first-hand look at the potential risks and rewards of the game, as well as see how your child’s gameplay may be affected by their decisions. It’s a great way to show your child that you care about and understand their gaming interests while also giving them the support they need to make safe choices.

Additional Safety Considerations for Parents

Lego Fortnite might be our current map, but online safety doesn’t end there. Let’s equip ourselves with some extra gear to explore beyond the game itself:

1. Platform Policies and Scams

Remember, Lego Fortnite exists within the wider online ecosystem. Familiarize yourself with the platform’s (Epic Games or your child’s gaming device) specific policies around online interactions, reporting, and privacy.

Stay vigilant about potential scams like phishing emails or fake websites offering “free” in-game items. Talk to your child about these risks and remind them to never share personal information online.

2. Open Communication is Key

Building trust and open communication is essential. Talk to your child about their experiences in Lego Fortnite, both the fun and the challenging aspects. Encourage them to come to you with any concerns or if they encounter anything upsetting or inappropriate.

3. Resources are Available

Don’t feel like you’re navigating this solo! Utilize resources like Epic Games’ parental guide, online safety organizations like ConnectSafely or the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and the resources here on Kidslox. These resources offer valuable information, tips, and support to help you guide your child’s online journey.

4. Remember, Balance is Key

Lego Fortnite offers a ton of fun, but like any good thing, moderation is crucial. Set clear time limits for gaming and encourage other activities like physical play, creative pursuits, and family time. Striking a healthy balance ensures your child enjoys all aspects of life, offline and online.

Remember, parental controls are powerful tools but are not the only line of defense. Open communication, a healthy understanding of online risks, and a shared commitment to responsible gaming create a safe and thriving environment for your child to explore the fun and creative world of Lego Fortnite.

Building a Safe and Thriving Online World Together

Navigating the online world alongside your child can feel like exploring uncharted territory. Lego Fortnite, with its blend of creative building and cartoonish combat, throws another layer onto this digital map.

But fear not, adventurers! Just like a master builder relies on their tools and plans, you have the power to create a safe and thriving online space for your child to explore. But sometimes, even the best tools need a little extra support. That’s where third-party parental control apps like Kidslox come in. We offer a comprehensive toolkit to empower you further:

  1. Granular parental control: Set time limits, manage app access, and filter content to ensure your child’s online experience aligns with your values.
  2. Real-time monitoring: Keep an eye on their activity, stay informed about potential risks, and intervene if necessary.
  3. Open communication tools: Encourage healthy conversations with built-in messaging and reporting features, fostering trust and understanding.

Think of Kidslox as an additional set of sturdy building blocks, strengthening the foundation of your child’s online safety. With our tools, parental controls become even more powerful, allowing you to build a secure and engaging digital world where your child can thrive.

So, take a deep breath, wear your virtual builder’s helmet, and embrace the adventure with your child. You can create a space filled with laughter, learning, and endless possibilities with the right tools, open communication, and a shared commitment to responsible online behavior.

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