Kid Friendly YouTube Alternatives Parents Should Know

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YouTube alternatives for kids

YouTube – the world’s most popular online video platform – has quickly become synonymous with online entertainment for children. However, with its unmoderated content and lack of parental control features, it’s not always the best choice for young viewers.

From risks, including inappropriate content, to dark designs and more, there are many reasons why parents should consider YouTube alternatives. In this guide to kid-friendly YouTube alternatives, we’ll explore some of the parents’ best options for providing their children with safe, secure viewing experiences.

The Risks of Allowing Children to Explore YouTube

YouTube is a versatile platform that can be used positively and negatively, depending on how it is used.

However, despite the site’s advantages – such as entertainment and education – there are also numerous risks that parents need to be aware of when allowing their young children and adolescents to explore YouTube.

Here are some of the significant risks involved in children’s use of YouTube:

1. Age-inappropriate content

Much of the content uploaded to YouTube is user-generated, which may include content only appropriate for older audiences.

Children may stumble upon videos that expose them to explicit content, including sexual content, drug abuse, or violence, which can harm their psychological development. Unfortunately, not all content is restricted, and monitoring the many videos that young people watch can be challenging.

2. Cyberbullying

Harassment is a growing problem on social media platforms, and unfortunately, YouTube is not immune. Young people can be victims of bullying from other users who make fun of their appearance, behavior, or abilities. Cyberbullies can also leave negative comments on videos or make video responses that convey cruel messages to the targeted child, causing emotional distress.

3. Exposure to harmful or inappropriate comments

YouTube’s comment section can be a breeding ground for harmful and inappropriate language, which can be devasting for young children to read. Unregulated comments can be a source of negativity, hate, and even sexual harassment from older users, leaving young children feeling isolated and less confident.

4. The potential for addiction

YouTube can be addictive. The site is designed to keep users engaged with endless streams of videos, making it easy for children to keep on watching. Before long, children may spend excess hours watching videos and ignoring other essential tasks, like schoolwork, social activities, or household chores.

Can You Create Parental Controls for YouTube?

There are a number of parental control options available for YouTube that can help parents manage the content their children view. These include:

1. Set up account restrictions: Parents can set up specific account restrictions that prevent users from watching videos with mature or adult themes to restrict access to age-inappropriate videos. This feature is available on the YouTube app and website.

2. Activate restricted mode: This feature limits the appearance of videos that contain mature or adult themes. However, it is not always 100% effective, as some videos can still slip through the filters.

3. Set time limits for using the platform: Parents can set daily limits for their children, ensuring they don’t watch videos too long. This feature is available on the YouTube app and website.

4. Utilize third-party parental control options: There are a number of third-party apps and services that offer more in-depth filtering for YouTube content. These services allow parents to block certain videos and channels and set time limits for when their children can access the platform.

The Top Kid-Friendly YouTube Alternatives

While there are a variety of parental controls and restrictions you can put in place to help manage your children’s use of YouTube, there are also a number of kid-friendly alternatives that you may want to consider instead.

With these platforms, can be more confident that their children are viewing age-appropriate videos and spending time in a safer online environment. Naturally, you’ll want to ensure that your child uses these platforms responsibly, but you can rest assured that they are free from much of the content found on YouTube.


Jellies is a video-sharing platform that offers a safe and family-friendly environment. The platform’s main aim is to provide parents with more power over what content their children watch by curating a closed selection of videos.

Jellies offers a stress-free experience for both parents and their little ones, and it’s an iOS app that places extra emphasis on video quality rather than quantity.

Jellies’ Features

The platform has features that specifically cater to the needs of parents with young children. For instance, all of Jellies’ video content is curated and vetted by a team of human editors. Also, Jellies offers a closed-loop feature that only allows videos to be shared between family members.

Jellies also features browsing categories that fall under the headings of nature, science, and creativity, which are both child-friendly and educational. These categories can be sorted according to the kid’s age, which means that children can enjoy the content that’s relevant and appropriate for their respective age groups.

Why We Love Jellies: A Parent-friendly Viewing Experience

Jellies prides itself on offering a safe, curated environment that guarantees that all video content is safe for kids to watch. The human editors that run the platform spend hours searching for child-friendly content that is both educational and enjoyable.

Jellies has excellent parental control features and offers a 30-day free trial, allowing parents to see if the content is in line with their values before purchasing.

Additionally, Jellies is a platform that is easily accessible and comprehensible to children. The platform’s user interface is straightforward, and the straightforward navigation makes it easy for kids to find and watch their favorite videos.


Azoomee is a video-sharing app designed to provide educational content for children ages four to ten. The app offers access to kids’ TV shows, games, and audiobooks provided by recognized and reputable production companies globally. Azoomee’s content is specifically curated for children to ensure they can enjoy their favorite programs, games, and audiobooks without exposure to age-inappropriate material.

Features of Azoomee

Azoomee provides a range of exciting features specially tailored for kids. Some of the features that set it apart from conventional video-sharing apps include:

  • Curated Content: Azoomee’s curation service manually reviews all content before uploading them for public viewing by children. This allows parents to be confident that their children are only exposed to safe and educational content.
  • Ad-Free Streaming: Azoomee has a strict no-ads policy, eliminating pop-ups and commercial interruptions and ensuring no distracting messages are displayed.
  • Interactive Learning Hub: Azoomee has a unique interactive learning hub that uses an innovative and engaging approach to learning that challenges and educates kids on different subjects while keeping them engaged and stimulated.
  • Child Safety: Azoomee ensures complete child safety by providing cutting-edge parental controls, which give parents the power to carefully curate their children’s viewing experience.
Why We Love Azoomee: Parental Controls & Affordability

A unique feature of Azoomee is its comprehensive parental control system, which provides parents with complete control over their children’s viewing activities. The parental control features include setting time limits, blocking inappropriate content, and filtering unwanted audio material from particular sources.

Azoomee is also fully compliant with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), which means that parents don’t have to worry about inappropriate data collection. Additionally, compared to other premium video streaming apps, Azoomee’s subscription service is much more affordable, making it a more favorable option for parents who want to provide their children with educational and entertaining content.


KiddZtube is a child-friendly video streaming platform designed to provide a safe space for kids to learn and explore a variety of educational content.

This app is created by Magikbee, an ed-tech start-up aimed at transforming the way children interact with technology. KiddZtube aims to offer safe and age-appropriate content while still being entertaining.

Key Features of KiddZtube
  • Safe and Educational Content: KiddZtube features a curated selection of age-appropriate videos from trusted sources such as Pocoyo, Sesame Street, Booba, and more. This ensures that children are only exposed to safe, educational, and entertaining videos.
  • No Ads: Unlike YouTube, KiddZtube has no ads, so users can enjoy a completely ad-free viewing experience.
  • Customizable Settings: KiddZtube offers customizable security settings allowing parents to control what their children can watch and how long. Parents can set a time limit on watching videos, restrict access to certain videos, and even protect the app with a password.
  • Easy Navigation: The app’s user-friendly interface is designed to make it easy for kids and parents to find and play videos.
Why We Love KiddZtube: Content Curation Designed for Kids

While YouTube is an excellent platform for accessing a wide range of videos, there is no way to control children’s content. This lack of control can be dangerous, especially given the disturbing content that can sometimes pop up on YouTube.

KiddZtube, on the other hand, is designed to be a safe space where children can learn and play without exposure to inappropriate content.

KiddZtube employs a strict curation process to ensure that all the videos offered to its young audience are safe and educational. Teachers curate content, so parents can be sure their children are watching age-appropriate videos that will entertain them and teach them important lessons.

PBS Kids

PBS Kids is an American TV channel and online streaming platform that provides educational and age-appropriate content for children. It has a long-standing reputation for offering safe and educational interactive content, including videos, games, quizzes, and other related materials for kids aged 2-8.

PBS Kids has also developed a Video and Games app that children can download onto their iOS and Android devices. The app features a selection of PBS Kids shows and age-appropriate games designed to help children learn about math, science, language arts, social studies, problem-solving skills, and more.

Key Features of PBS Kids:
  • Safe Content: All content on the app is reviewed and approved by the PBS Kids team to ensure it is suitable for children aged 2-8 years old.
  • Engaging Learning: The app offers interactive games, videos, and activities that engage children in a fun learning experience.
  • Content Variety: PBS Kids has a wide selection of content ranging from short clips to full episodes of popular shows like Arthur, Sesame Street, Wild Kratts, and more.
  • Educational Goals: The app’s activities are designed to help children develop critical educational goals such as problem-solving skills, math, and literacy skills.
Why We Love PBS Kids: High-Quality Content for Learning

PBS Kids is one of the best sources of educational content for young children. Its highly engaging and interactive content helps keep children entertained while they learn. The app also offers a variety of content, ranging from full episodes to short clips, allowing parents to choose what’s most appropriate for their child’s age and interests.

Plus, PBS Kids is completely free and advertises no third-party products. This makes it a safe and reliable source of educational content for children.


Noggin is an award-winning streaming service designed especially for children aged 2-9. It’s a kid-friendly streaming service owned by Nickelodeon that provides unlimited access to hundreds of hours of high-quality videos to entertain and educate your child.

The app features popular shows from renowned brands such as SpongeBob SquarePants, PAW Patrol, Blue’s Clues & You!, Blaze and the Monster Machines, and more! While it doesn’t offer access to the same video library as YouTube, it does provide an extensive selection of interactive and educational videos.

Key Features of Noggin:
  • Ad-Free Environment: Noggin is entirely ad-free, so children can watch their favorite shows without interruption.
  • Interactive Learning Tools: The app includes a variety of interactive tools that help children learn by playing games, completing activities, and solving puzzles.
  • Safe Content: Noggin is committed to providing age-appropriate and safe content for children. Its team reviews all videos before they are uploaded to the app, so parents can be sure their children are not exposed to any inappropriate material.
  • Noggin Parent Dashboard: Use the Noggin Parent Dashboard to monitor your child’s activity and customize their experience according to their age and interests.
Why We Love Noggin: Fun, Interactive Content

Noggin is an excellent source of interactive content for children aged 2-9 years old. The app offers a variety of engaging educational videos that will keep your child entertained for hours. Its interactive tools also help children learn by playing games and solving puzzles.

Plus, Noggin is completely ad-free and provides a safe environment for children to explore their favorite shows. This makes the app an excellent choice for parents looking to provide their children with quality educational content.

Tips For Choosing A YouTube Alternative for Kids

As you can see, there are a variety of different apps and streaming services that can provide kids with quality educational content. When choosing a YouTube alternative for your child, it’s important to consider the following factors:

How Old Is Your Child?

Depending on your child’s age, they may need different types of content. For very young children, PBS Kids and Noggin are good options as they offer short-form content that is appropriate for their age group.

For older children, apps like Azoomee offer a greater variety of videos, including full-length shows and movies. Knowing what types of content is age-appropriate can help you make the best choice.

What Content Does Your Child Enjoy?

Think about what types of content your child enjoys and look for an app or streaming service that offers a variety of videos in those categories. For example, if your child loves science, you may want to choose an app suited to their interests.

Safety and Privacy Features

It’s crucial to ensure the app or streaming service you choose has safety and privacy features. Look for ad-free services, have parental controls, and review all videos before they are uploaded. Of the different YouTube alternatives listed above, each offers a variety of features to ensure your child’s safety and privacy.

Review Ratings for Movies and TV Shows

Take the time to review ratings of movies and shows before allowing your child to watch them. Age-appropriate ratings will help you make sure that the content your child is watching is appropriate for their age group. Additionally, sites like Common Sense Media offer movie and show reviews to help you make informed decisions about what your child is watching.

Educate Your Child About Online Safety

It is essential that you educate your child about the risks of being online. Teach them what information to share and how to protect themselves from cyber bullies, predators, and unsavory sites. Explain the importance of using strong passwords, only downloading apps from trusted sources, and avoiding giving out personal information like home address or school name.

Help Your Child Enjoy Their Device Safely with Kidslox

Finding the right YouTube alternative for children involves setting clear boundaries and ensuring the app or website meets their needs. Whether you choose a child-friendly YouTube alternative or parental control app, be sure to monitor your child’s device usage and review their activity regularly.

A third-party parental control app like Kidslox can be a great way to keep your children safe online. You can set age-appropriate filters to block inappropriate content, restrict app usage, and block websites that contain adult material or predators. Kidslox also provides activity reports so you can monitor your child’s online behavior and be aware of any changes in their habits or activities.

With these features, you can provide a safe and secure environment for your children when they’re online. To learn more about Kidslox – and see a full library of helpful resources and guides – visit Kidslox online today!