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Have you ever wanted to find out more about NASA, it’s missions, and the universe in general? Android and iOS mobile devices users can do just that with the help of the official NASA app. You can download it for free from the Google Play Market or the Apple App Store. Recently it became available for Apple TV too.

A quick glance at the store reviews shows that it’s widely liked and considered “interesting” and “well done”, although some mentioned that such a technically advanced organisation as NASA could probably have made something “better constructed”.

What does the NASA app include?

What can you get out of this app?

  • Firstly, the interface is simple and user friendly with good graphics
  • Despite the app’s simple UI, it provides a massive quantity of information including: NASA facts, featured stories, streaming news and tweets from the official NASA Twitter account
  • It also includes a lot of more general information about our universe
  • There’s even info on current NASA missions, launch and landing schedules and a countdown clock. Sometimes when using the app you and your child can feel like mission operators in a NASA control centre
  • The app contains no advertisements

If your kids like reading illustrated fact books or encyclopaedias they’ll probably enjoy this app. It’s quite interesting and helps them to learn something new about our universe and recent engineering achievements. It definitely fits into the category of educational apps. So any child with a curious nature will likely enjoy exploring it. Come to think of it, anybody at all with a curious nature will likely enjoy exploring it. I know I did.

On top of that, it’s got a lot of great pictures! Mainly around the obvious theme of space, though there are some others in there too. The app makes them easy to send to others or to set them as the wallpaper on your phone or tablet.