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sumgod review

Are you a conscious parent who wants to get your child involved in learning math? Or a teacher who wants to make lessons more exciting and productive? Innovative technologies can help you with that. There are a lot of services available for schoolers to enjoy math and never get bored. Sumdog is one of the kind. Have a look at our Sumdog review and see if it fits your needs and goals.

What does Sumdog offer?

Sumdog is an educational service involving various games that are designed to help schoolers to exercise numeracy and literacy. The platform makes learning process both motivational and engaging thus it can serve as an excellent tool for teachers. Probably that’s the reason why Sumdog was effectively adopted in many schools around the world.

The service is more relevant for eighth graders and older children. You can reach out the site on the browser or download special apps for iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire. A free account allows students to play math games, get coins for correct answers, customize the avatar, invite other students to the game, take part in mathematics contests. Meanwhile, parents are able to create an account for a kid, to get weekly updates and link child’s school login if any. This lets you follow child’s educational progress and give them the right questions. Premium subscription gives you access to writing and reading games.

Getting started

When students play Sumdog for the first time, they run the diagnostic test the purpose of which is to place students at the right level according to their abilities.After completing the test the student gets the first pet. Later the pet would learn a new trick every time the kid masters a new skill and gets to the new level. We like this idea which adds curious twist to the learning process.

Sumdog review: how does the service work?

On the homepage called ‘city’ you can choose among games, skills, and training. There’s also a possibility to play with other students and to have access to the coins earned which can be spent on avatar change or items for your house. Kids are able to play in the house outside school hours. The option includes playing with a pet, designing the room, accessing the Store to buy house items, changing the avatar, and adding friends to play with. All purchases can be done with coins earned by completing tasks and games.

As for the games, there are 25 in number covering arithmetic, decimals, fractions, equations, percentages, etc. All of them are diverse and challenging. Speed and efficiency are crucial in gaining points and getting a final score. You’ll see how children get engaged playing while still learning.

Is it worthy?

We find Sumdog platform both educational and fun. While children are engaged in math practice, they also get some entertainment. The games are customized according to child’s level and they can constantly improve their proficiency and get rewarded for that. Multiplayer mode provides the possibility to match wits with peers arises competitive spirit and promotes learning. Teachers and parents can keep track of children’s progress by getting weekly reports. We didn’t come across any inappropriate content. The site is currently in English but we hope it’ll have multiple language translations in future.

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